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SCL01 - Covers Pack - Korg X50

This custom set contains some programs and combis optimized and ready to be played in live situation..


SCL02 - Progressive Goth Pack - Korg Triton EXTREME

The pack is inspired by various progressive and Goth styles. From powerful battle marches to Gothic ..


SCL03 - B3 Vintage organ - Korg Triton CLASSIC / RACK / STUDIO / EXTREME / LE / TR

Full range samples for realistic playing for Triton Classic, Rack, Studio and Extreme, Triton L..


SCL04 - Cover Pack (Queen, Pink Floyd, Europe and many others ) - Korg Triton Series

This collection contains a selection of 13 famous sounds ( Queen, Pink Floyd, Europe and m..


SCL05 - B3 Vintage organ - Korg M3

Full range samples for realistic playing for Korg M3 ! Inspired by famous B3 hammond ..


SCL06 - T9T9 Cover Pack - Korg M3 / M50 / Krome

This is a great collection of sounds covering the most famous songs by Toto.Click here to read ..


SCL07 - One Vision cover pack - Korg M3 / M50 / Krome

Useful collection to cover the most famous soungs made by Queen in their extraordinary career... Enj..


SCL08 - Metal Collection - Korg M3 / M50 / Krome

Add 3 complete banks of power sounds to your Korg M3 M50 Krome... a must have for eve..


SCL09 - Dark Goth Leads - Korg M3 M50 KROME

This collection contains 12 power and heavy leads sounds of keyboard players as Jens Johansson&..


SCL10 - C.O.B. Covers + Power / Progressive Pack - Korg M3 M50 KROME

This bundle pack is dedicated to all lovers of powerful sound of Children of Bodom, Sonata Arti..


SCL11 - Inspiration Pianos Pack - Korg Kronos / X / 2

A wide selection of pianos that includes everything you need for live and studio session. Blues, roc..


SCL12 - Turbulence Disequilibrium Korg Kronos / X / 2

For all Gothic and Progressive Lovers, a collection programmed by Mood Yass..


SCL13 - (Bundle) SYNTHOLOGIA EXi + Complete Cover Collection V2 - Korg Kronos Series

Finally available the bundle that features Synthologia EXi & the Complete Cover C..


SCL14 - KRONOSLOGIA V.1 - Korg Kronos Series

Synthcloud is pleased to announce the new bundle consisting of 6 banks of new Combis ..


SCL15 - Piano A'S Collection Korg Kronos / X / 2

INTRODUCTIONI really like to say thank you for using “RSF Piano AS” for Korg Kronos and Kronos X and..