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LDX12 - Sfam Covers - Korg M50

This sound bank has been designed and programmed to faithfully reproduce the historical "Scenes from..


LDX13 - Acos Cover Pack - Korg M3 / M50 / Krome

If you want to sit on the keyboard and play "A change of seasons", this is the ideal patches collect..


LDX15 - Leads Pack - Korg Microstation

This is a leads collection that makes you the monster of the stage! Aggressive and smooth leads to t..


LDX16 - Leads Pack - Korg Microkorg XL / XL +

This is a great collection for your little VA. Turn your Korg MicroKorg XL / XL + in ..


LDX167 - PF Cover Pack MKI - Korg Microstation

The PF Cover Pack MKI is the sound bank for Korg Microstation that traces the jo..


LDX17 - Starlight Pack - Korg MicroKorg

Korg MicroKorg Muse Cover pack, turn your Micro in a Monster with this aggressive leads co..


LDX170 - Full set "NEVER ENOUGH" - Korg M3 M50 KROME

This is a song by Dream Theater from the album Octavarium.Patches list: (Can be playe..


LDX19 - Monster Pack ( Leads + DT Covers + Bonus Wakeman Pack ) - Korg Kross / Kross 2

A collection of lead sounds for the Korg Kross / Kross 2 + bonus cover packs / DT Cov..


LDX20 - Leads Pack - Korg Kross / Kross 2

A useful collection of 10 aggressive leads and soft plucked synths, this pack pushes your ..


LDX21 - K - Piano - Korg Trinity

A useful sampled piano based on Kurzweil piano textures for your Korg Trinity ( PBS TRI VERSION..


LDX22 - Monster Pack V1 - Korg Trinity / Rack

A large set of over 50 new patches for your Korg Trinity: aggressive leads, orga..


LDX24 - Leads Pack - Korg Radias

A unique collection of 12 leads for Korg Radias that allows your to add personal..


LDX25 - Converted Pack - Korg Radias

This collection contains the R3 and MicroKorg sounds converted for Korg Rad..


LDX26 - ( Bundle ) Producer Evolution + Leads Pack - Korg KingKorg

This is a bundle for Korg KingKorg users that allows you to expand your musical horiz..