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Motif XS / XF / Rack

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LDX121 - T9t9 Cover Pack - Yamaha Motif XS / RACK / XF series

This pack includes 12 of the most famous sounds you can hear in toto music. It is designed..


LDX122 - PF Cover Pack V2 - Yamaha Motif XS / RACK / XF series

This pack includes some of the most famous Pink Floyd sounds. It is designed for Moti..


LDX124 - Leads Pack MKII - Yamaha Motif XS / XF / RACK series

It is an update version of the first lead pack made by Fabio Piras. Sounds are improv..


LDX128 - Tron Pack (Mellotron) - Yamaha Motif XF / XS / Rack

It is the first collection inspired by the vintage mellotron sounds for your Yamaha M..


LDX129 - K - Piano - Yamaha Motif XF / XS / RACK

Kurzy Piano on Yamaha Motif Series. Three layers, full range samples for re..